Water Damage Photo Gallery

The kitchen sink where the leak occured

Water Leak Causes Extensive Damage

A leak occurred in the kitchen area at this home. By the time the tenant noticed the water had spread throughout the entire home. The cabinets beneath the sink, the flooring and parts of the walls were damaged. The tenant called SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas to begin the restoration process. We managed to remove the damaged material and dry out the affected areas swiftly. Because of this we were able to save some of the materials and decrease demolition in the home. At the end the client was left satisfied with the results and we made it look "Like it never even happened."

Extreme Conditions for Mold

When the right moisture conditions exist, mold can take root and grow unchecked inside wood construction buildings, creating a health concern for elderly, young children, and those with respiratory conditions.

The attached photo is an extreme example of how allowing water migration to go uncontrolled in a home or business can turn into something almost comical.  These mushrooms are from spores very similar to those outside that you may find growing in a garden or forest. All that is required for these spores to grow and multiply is to provide them water, and a food source (traditional wooden building materials are a great food source).  Let nature take it's course and you can see what happens.  Removing the water source and treating the mold with anti-microbial solution and mechanical abrasion (to remove the root system), and the mold growth can be controlled.  At SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas, Mold remediation is one of our core businesses.

Corona Water Damage

After a Corona home suffered from a pipe bursting, a kitchen ceiling and dining room walls were affected with water damage. SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas were called to provide removal of affected material and providing drying until moisture level returned to normal. 

Flooded Basement

A flooded basement was full of deep water when SERVPRO Glendora/San Dimas arrived. The water was a few feet deep. The longer water sits unchecked the more likely it is for mold to grow, creating potentially bigger issues. 

Flooded Basement

Another image detailing how deep the water was, submerging almost half of the water heater. Water has the potential to create much larger and irreversible issues if left unchecked for too long. 


This was the aftermath of a water damage that happened in Hacienda Heights and the SERVPRO crew was taking out the furniture and carpet in order to dry out the place to prevent further damage.

Water Damage

A ceiling busted open due to water damage and flooding. The flooding began due to a busted fire sprinkler. SERVPRO Glendora/San Dimas came in to clean up the water damage and restore the ceiling.