Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire Contamination

Most of the time the damage caused by fire is visible as a direct result of the heat and flames.  However, there are times when the damage is from the debris that comes from the fire in the form of fine particles in the smoke.  

The attached picture is of a car (late Model S Tesla) with a white paint job.  You can see the black soot from the fire that has settled on the paint.  The fallout from the fire was created from stacks of plastic 4'x6' PVC flower bed trays melted down by the fire.  The particles rained down on the all the cars in the area as the hot air from the fire cooled and settled back to the ground.  SERVPRO helped with the specialty services required to clean up the cars affected by this disaster too.

Santa Fe Fire

In 2016 there was a commercial fire in Santa Fe Springs, California that SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas responded to.  The business is a Nursery Supply Center, specializing in supplying seed bed media, fertilizers, and equipment for the nursery industry.  The fire broke out in the morning hours just after opening, and thousands of pounds of merchandise in the staging yard were set ablaze. Visible is the burned and melted inventory along with a fork truck, fans, bedding material with the plastic packaging melted off, and a scorched cement structure.  You can see the metal door deformed from the heat of the fire.  Significant smoke damage occurred inside the building along with the adjacent structure next door as well.

San Dimas Electrical Fire

A San Dimas resident suffered from fire damage due to an outlet shortage that caused a fire. SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas was called to provide fire damage remediation services such as removing damaged material and cleaning up resulting smoke damage. 

Condo Fire Damage

A fire on the roof of a condominium complex affected three separate units. SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas was called to provide fire damage clean up services. This damaged room had all fire affected materials disposed of properly by SERVPRO of Glendora/San Dimas crew. 

Laundry Room

This is where we believe the fire in Anaheim started. This is the laundry room. Fire moves very quickly, as we do. We are working on getting this back to looking "Like it never even happened".


This was the aftermath of what we believe to be a Dryer fire in Anaheim when we arrived on the scene. There was significant smoke and soot damage, about 90% of the house was burnt down. This used to be the Kitchen. When we get through with this it will look, "Like it never even happened".