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Clogged & Overflowing Disaster

Nothing is worse than too much toilet paper clogging not only your toilet, but your pipes, bathtub, and laundry room drain. We had a customer call after hours t... READ MORE

Rain in San Dimas, CA causes major water damage to home.

This season the rain continued to pour in California, despite the summer season being around the corner. Sometimes the rain causes damage to homes and makes it ... READ MORE

Water Damage Emergency in Glendora, CA

Water damage from a pipe bursting in your home due to plumbing problems is a common disaster that happens to residential homes and commercial buildings. You wan... READ MORE

Toilet leak leads to water damage in Los Angeles Home

This Los Angeles home had some major water damage affecting the interior floor and the crawlspace beneath the house from a toilet flange leak. The interior flo... READ MORE

Water Damage from your Kitchen in your Glendora home

This home in Glendora, CA had a pipe burst in their kitchen. It had already been leaking for a few days until they noticed the floor start warping. They were ab... READ MORE

Water Damage to San Dimas Home

SERVPRO of Glendora / San Dimas received a call from a residential home owner in San Dimas about a possible water leak that occurred in the restroom area of the... READ MORE

Water Damage in Glendora Home

Inside this Glendora, CA home there was major signs of water damage all over the ceiling of the home. In order to remove the water on the ceiling of the home. S... READ MORE

Water Leak from bathroom in San Dimas Home

The customer said they noticed what looked like to be water inside the wall of their bathroom. SERVPRO of Glendora / San Dimas was able to be on site to assess ... READ MORE

Mold Found in Glendora Home

A local Glendora home suffered from water loss due to a backed up washing machine. The customer’s washing machine had been backed up for weeks and had mol... READ MORE

Extensive Smoke Damage in Long Beach, CA.

An apartment complex in Long Beach, California suffered extensive smoke damage due to an electrical fire in a unit on the second floor. The entire unit was affe... READ MORE